Terms & Conditions

The prices quoted are fixed for the acceptance for 30 days from the date of quotation. Upon signing this will form a legally binding contract between FREEFLO Ltd and the customer. All prices quoted are subject to finalization upon technical survey. We aim to complete installation within 4 weeks of receipt of contract; a full schedule will be agreed with you upon completion of technical survey. A full breakdown of costs is provided upon request.

1. References in the conditions to FF are references to FREEFLO Ltd whose registration office is at: 91 Canterbury Road, Margate, Kent.

2. References to the customer are references to whom the quotation is address and will be referred to as you/your.

3. The quotation is subject to availability of equipment and materials.

4. Access to the premises is required in order that the installation may be undertaken.

5. If you require work to be carried out outside of normal hours FF may make a reasonable additional charge.

6. Deposits for goods and services are refundable if the order is cancelled within 14 working days.

7. A deposit may be payable on the acceptance of the quotation; FF will request no more than a maximum deposit of 25% of the total contract cost. Advanced payments may not exceed 60% of the contract cost, including any deposit amounts.

8. FF will make every reasonable effort to start and complete the work as agreed but cannot accept liability for major delays beyond our control. In the unlikely event that FF has to cancel the scheduled installation date, an alternative mutually convenient date will be arranged. If any delays do occur, we will complete the works as soon as practically possible. In the event of a serious delay for reasons that are beyond your control then you will be entitled to cancel the contract and receive a refund. In the case of delays in the delivery of goods then you may be offered products of equivalent specification, value and quality that are MCS certified. You have the right to accept the offer, wait for the products ordered or cancel the contract and receive a refund.

9. If required, any necessary permission will be in place before work commences on site. FF have a planning department who can complete the full application process for you, the cost of the planning application will be your responsibility unless otherwise stated.

10. The quotation includes the supply and installation of all the components and any material required to carry out the work specified and includes VAT at the current rate unless expressly stated otherwise.

11. Unless stated otherwise, the quotation does include for the materials required to work and access to the relevant areas of the property.

12. Our warranty is restricted to only the materials and appliances supplied by or on behalf of FF

13. FF warranties its work for 12months and all materials carry a manufacturer’s warranty that will also be 12months unless stated otherwise on the quotation. The warranty does not cover acts of vandalism, third party negligence, acts of God or wilful damage.

14. There is a 14 days cooling off period starting from the date of signed acceptance of the quotation during which the customer has the right to cancel the order without penalty. After this time a reasonable charge may be retained by FF for any unrecoverable costs incurred as a direct result of the cancellation.

15. If after technical survey the final system design is markedly different from what was agreed and set out in the quotation survey then the customer has the right to cancel their order.

16. All goods will pass into the property-of, and in the title of, the customer as balances are paid to FF.

17. Any free extras are included subject to technical survey, and must be listed on the contract at time of signing. All extra are provided post installation of the main system.

18. If an FREEFLO gas service plan is included or purchased in this contract. It is the responsibility of the customs to arrange their annual service each year within 12 months of the last service. FREEFLO excepts no liability if this is carried out later than the 12months time frame.